Thursday, April 20, 2006

Mother of abandoned baby found

Hollywood Police reported that the mother of an abandoned baby boy at a laundromat on the 1900 block of Johnson Street had been located and arrested this morning. The mother of the abandoned baby is Estela Román-Morales, 28. The media should be covering the story the way that they are because this is not right, and people should be made aware that there are some people who are not mentally in the right state of mind.

Tate competent to understansd legal proceedings

A Broward County judge found Lionel Tate mentally competent to understand legal proceedings, even after allegations surfaced that the convicted child-killer suffered abuse at the hands of his own mother while a youngster. The media is blowing this whole story out of proportion. Lionel Tate is a convicted child-killer, now he will always be in the spot light for everything he does, good or bad, because the media is constantly on top of him.

Man shot to death after chase

A 54-year-old Fort Myers man was shot to death by police after a 35-mile, bullet-riddled two-county chase that reached speeds of 100 mph from the Lantana area to Margate along U.S. 441/State Road 7. The media should be covering this story more becaue this man was innocently killed, and someone should be responsible for the shooting.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Beatles may finally sell their songs online

The Beatles are preparing to sell their songs online after years of refusing to take part in the Internet music boom. The media should be covering this story a little more because music selling online has been a big debate for a long time. And when a big band decides to sell their music after not wanting to do so for many years is a big step for the internet music industry. To read more click here.

Woman dies on Disney World ride

A woman died Wednesday after going on a ride at Walt Disney World so intense that it has motion sickness bags. A 49-year-old woman was riding "Mission: Space" on Tuesday. She was taken to a hospital, and died a day later. He name was not released. At least the media is covering this story a lot because it involves children as well as adults going on rides that many of the public enjoy. To read more click here.

New Orleans home are now 3 feet higher

A long-awaited government projection on New Orleans' flood danger recommends that thousands of homes and businesses in areas ravaged by Hurricane Katrina be raised at least 3 feet. The media should be covering this story more to let people know the current status on the ravaged New Orleans. The media forgets sometimes about major disasters that are still recuperating. To read more click here.

BSO's new Fire Cheif

The BSO Fire Rescue gets a new cheif. Joseph Lello was named head of BSO Fire Rescue Wednesday morning by Broward Sheriff Ken Jenne. It is good that the media is letting the public know about the new people in charge of their saftey, and we all know that the media will continue to cover stories on the new cheif to see if he is doing his job well. To read more click here.

Poll shows public afraid of Nuclear weapons in Iran

A poll was done by The Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg and it suggests many Americans are worried about the dangers of a nuclear-armed Iran. At the same time, a majority doubted Bush's ability to make the right decision about whether to go to war with Iran. The media needs to cover this story more because if they do, then the public may voice their thoughts more, and show the president what they are thinking. To read more click here.

Possible Housing aid in South Florida

There is a new proposal that would help public workers in the affordable housing crisis. It would be almost $60 million in Broward County and $40 million in Palm Beach County. There is a lot of money here to help the public so the media needs to keep a close eye on this stiuation epsecially since its in its last weeks of legislative session. To read more on the story click here.

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